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Friday, April 26, 2002

Steven Green Stuns the Blogosphere!

The VodkaPundit slams the Saudis, and their supporters. But that’s not what I’m talking about. Check this from his 4/25 post on the Saudis:

"The next day, an amateur pundit sitting in his basement, with power over no one but a cat,..."

He controls his cat! Let the Arab world be warned.

Anyway, we now have Jonah Goldberg as a “dog person” and Steve Green as a “cat person”. My predictions:

1. The proportion of “cat people” in the blogosphere exceeds the proportion of "cat people" in the general population. Demographic adjustments permitted if data allows.

2. Within the blogosphere, the higher your Sullivan Number the more likely you are to be a “cat person”.

And I say all this as a cat person with a “Sky’s the limit” Sullivan number.

Anecdotal evidence welcomed.
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