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Thursday, May 23, 2002

Alterman - Not an Altar Boy

Eric Alterman has unleashed his new blog upon us this week. I am always intrigued by reasonable lefties, as a valuable antidote to my own drooling right-wing churlishness, so I stopped by. Evidently overcome by the euphoria of slipping the bonds of conventional journalism, AlteredMan asks us:

"In the meantime, isn’t Drudge a dick for doing that story on David Brock checking into a mental institution last summer? "

I have only performed a "brain-search", but I am highly confident that this is not the style of wit and rhetoric employed by Sullivan, Kaus, Marshall, the InstantMan, the Volokh Conspiracy, or, frankly, anyone I read regularly. But if (Not a Good) Alternative wants to compete for the space occupied by Howard Stern and the Yahoo message boards, I say he should go for it. And just keep going.
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