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Thursday, May 30, 2002

Couches Don't Start Fires, People Start Fires - With Couches

From today's NY Times, an alarming report of a depraved college life-style in Boulder, Colorado:

"The college tradition of lounging on old couches in the open air may become a mere memory here, at least if students want to avoid jail.

Appalled by several small but destructive disturbances near the University of Colorado in the last few years, events in which inebriated students invariably stole couches off porches and burned them, Boulder officials last week approved an ordinance that forbids keeping upholstered furniture outside. "

But don't underestimate the commitment of these future leaders and NRO staffers:

"We're going to get drunk, we're going to party, we're going to do what we do — you can't stop it," said Scott MacMaster, 22, who graduated with a business degree this month.

And not everyone is convinced that property crimes can be prevented simply by banning property:

"It seems stupid that they would try to stop riots by taking couches off porches," said Jessica Sufit, 20, a junior ...
"People are going to be destructive, especially when there's 1,000 drunk teenagers or 20-year-olds. They'll knock down lampposts or burn trees."

Evidently, there was fascinating public debate at the town council meeting. A local activist, Mr. Smokes, asked the chair to table the couch ordinance, but he was refused and the ordinance passed.

A slow news day at the Times? Hey, it beats writing about Gary Condit.

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