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Tuesday, May 07, 2002

The Lion Shall Lay Down With the Lamb

And Andrew Sullivan will say something nice about a Paul Krugman column. In today's effort, Krugman bashes the Red State beneficiaries of the latest farm bill, and even admits that Democrats are also at fault. As a city-slicker myself, I'm no fan of the farm bill either. Points not addressed by Krugman:

(1) Find a wealthy country that doesn't subsidize its hallowed agricultural past. This is the "if you think we're dumb, just look how stupid they are" defense. And no, if another country jumped off a bridge, I wouldn't jump too.

(2) What portion of our total national energy usage is dedicated to the subsidized agricultural effort? We are running tractors, moving products, and producing fertilizers from oil. If we stopped subsidizing production, how much energy would we save?
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