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Tuesday, May 21, 2002

So Excited!

I finally saw the new Star Wars flick, "Send in the Clones". Unable to schedule a dentist appointment and not having a kidney stone to pass, I agreed to take some of the kids to the theatre for the latest from Lucas. The fellow sitting behind me kicked my chair repeatedly as he crossed and re-crossed his legs, so I stayed awake for most of the film, which I would describe as long stretches of nothing interspersed with short bursts of not much.

But let's be positive. For the Big Finish, there was a nice tribute to Russell Crowe and "Gladiator". Then, Lucas delivers an even more exciting tribute to Signorney Weaver of "Galaxy Quest". Surely you recall how Ms. Weaver's outfit becomes progressively more shredded and revealing in the closing battle of that comedy classic. Well, Natalie Portman has the same problem with her costume in "Clones". Although normally in a military context I favor the rapid application of overwhelming force, in this case I was OK with the idea of a protracted battle. However, the good guys are able to prevail in time to save both the Republic and the "PG" rating. Sorry, hope I didn't give away the ending.

So the suspense builds for the next episode. In "Phantom Action" (only the illusion of a story) Lucas regaled us with a plotline of taxes and trade treaties. In "Clones", we get his wisdom on campaign finance reform and bio-ethics. What Big Issues will he address next? Gun control? Unlikely, since neither the 'droids nor the clones seem to be able to control their guns. Gay priests? Abortion? I'm begging him, no. Terrorism and civil rights - that's my prediction. Although its possible that the fall of the Republic will somehow be tied to a lack of strong digital copyright protection.
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