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Monday, June 17, 2002

Embrace Technology

I just introduced my new "Column Compressor" in the post below. It is a new gizmo which takes columns and, well, compresses them. I may never get an "Insta-link"again, but let's try this gizmo on my whole blog:

Rest for the Weary: The sword thrust replaces the bludgeoning.
You Need to Know This: Hellooo, you really don't.
A Bold Krugman Prediction: A bold Krugman prediction.
What Are You Reading This Summer?: Light summer reading.
So, What Are We Waiting For?: Waiting for Godot?
Mickey Needs Help: Help on "Homeland Security".
Helping the Homeless: Susanna Cornett helps the Arab homeless.
Happy Days Are Here Again: Krugman, his supporters, and a mystery guest.
Don't Cry For Me, Alaska: Alaska heats up, a Senator steams.
Did I Forget to Check Krugman's Sources?: Who is Kevin Phillips?
Now I Feel Bad: A sincere apology to Professor DeLong.
Embrace Technology: Shameless rip-off of the Insta-pundit.
Shameless Rip-off

Circular error at: Embrace Tehnology. Application aborted. EOM.

Wow. This is so much easier than writing this stuff. Just a bit of fine-tuning needed.

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