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Monday, June 03, 2002

Media Bias Alert

Jeff Hauser, of the fascinating Hauser Report, offers, among his Random Thoughts for June 2, a fascinating Point (6): Al Sharpton is the creation of a right wing media conspiracy to embarass Dems:

"Sharpton, unfortunately, will have an effect on the race AND race within the Dem party. I'm not happy about that, and still believe Sharpton's national stature is mostly due to right wing efforts to embarrass Dems by putting him on TV all of the time (see, e.g., his status as the permanent guest of Fox News)."

Interesting. My first thought was that Hauser was a Left Coaster who hasn't watched various NY pols kiss Sharpton's ring for years. Since his bio tells me he is Left politically but Right coastally, I expect he is vividly aware of Sharpton's local clout and is focusing on Sharpton's effort to "Go National" and replace Jesse Jackson in that political niche.

Since Sharpton has been a shameless self-promoter for years, it might be more plausible to consider him a self-made man rather than a creature of the Right. Or was Jesse also a right wing creation? Sharpton is colorful, quotable, and sure to create awkward moments for the Dems as he runs on his platform of slavery reparations and social justice. We can watch for his influence in the McCall-Cuomo NY Gubernatorial primary this fall, and wonder how the Dems can keep him off-stage if their 2004 national convention is in NYC. But to blame his influence within the Democratic Party on the Right? Let's take a little responsibility here.

Look, the Republicans kicked Pat Buchanan out of their party. And didn't he spend a lot of time on one of the lefty networks?
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