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Balanced Fare: We Report, You Deride

Thursday, June 06, 2002

The New New York Times

The Master provides a devastating critique of the erstwhile paper of record under its new editor, Howell Raines. With this blatant a left wing tilt, how do the staffers manage to keep a straight face? Maybe Raines chases away their smiles with this.

But one aspect of the June 10 New Yorker piece has gone woefully under-reported. Sullivan has missed it, Kaus has missed it, but the MinuteMan comes through! (Don't become accustomed to this, BTW).

Harold Raines, an old Alabama boy who is now the editor of the NY Times, describes his desire to bring the full resources of the paper to bear on big stories, in order to out-report the Post, the LA Times, and everyone else. Here we go:

"I've been in journalistic contests where I have been up against real formidable opposition. If I'm in a gunfight, I don't want to die with any bullets in my pistol. I want to shoot everyone."

Come again? Don't you read your own newspaper? If you follow the principals of the Times, you don't need to worry about running out of bullets - you won't have a gun! But maybe you can whack someone with the full Sunday edition. And don't leave out the Real Estate supplement.

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