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Friday, June 14, 2002

Now I Feel Bad

Dr. DeLong got dragged into this "Krugman disclosure" dust-up, and may be a bit upset. In his blog piece titled "How Economists Think of Lawyers: The Way Cats Think of Small Birds" Dr. DeLong says:

"So I open my email inbox Thursday afternoon to discover that Glenn Reynolds, (The MinuteMan - name changed to protect the timid), and company have elevated me to the high and mighty rank of Democratic Party Hack. "

Oh, dear. I dare not presume to speak for yet another prof, but I should speak on my own behalf. And I understand that Dr. DeLong is a big boy who is not looking for an apology. But this is The MinuteMan, and we deliver the unexpected. So:

I'm sorry that you think that we think you are a Democratic Party Hack;

I'm sorry that you did not read my posts more carefully, because I can't find anything like "Hack";

I'm sorry that you don't remember the people who may well have offended you;

and lastly, I'm sorry that I didn't link to you here. I link to you in the "Krugman Inequality" post below, and I would hate to spoil the fun. To show that my heart is, or was, pure, the link had been on the phrase "comparative advantage", a subject which you address quite nicely at your site. But being mercurial and impetuous, I have moved it.

UPDATE: He thought there was something fishy about Dr. DeLong's post titled "How Economists Think of Lawyers: The Way Cats Think of Small Birds", so in response a reader offers me this.

OK, another reader thinks Dr. D. is out to lunch.

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