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Sunday, June 09, 2002

O susanna, o don’t you cry for me

So here at The MinuteMan we are admiring the courage of the lovely susanna cornett, who wades waist deep into the emotionally charged abortion debate wearing clingy, form-fitting leather hip boots…sorry, this poll has distracted me. But what do we think about the pro-life versus pro-choice issues that she raises on Saturday, June 8, in "Tangled Definitions"?

Well, abortion is a delicate topic, so I thought folks might benefit from my insights into how to deal with it, for example at cocktail parties. And I go to very cool cocktail parties, where the women are all highly educated former lawyers or executives now rearing their (adorable) children, and the men are current lawyers or executives talking about golf. Oh, I know, that unfairly caricatures the men, since in the winter they also talk about cigars, but anyway, not being a golfer, I often end up chatting with these high powered woman about politics. And eventually the conversation drifts to pro-choice versus pro-life, and one of these lovelies tells me they could never support the Republicans because of their position on abortion, so I ask how they feel about partial birth bans, and whether they realize that repealing Roe v. Wade would simply return the decision to the states, and don’t they believe in states rights, this is the United States, repeat States, why is that complicated, and then just as the little dear is near tears I stop banging on the table and un-ball the cocktail napkin from my clenched fist and admit to her that I find the issues very complex and am actually pro-life myself, but am troubled by it. Deeply troubled. And she believes me.

So if you want guidance on handling this sensitive subject, that’s The MinuteMan way! Or used to be, back when I was still getting invitations to cocktail parties. My wife still goes to them, of course, and seems to be a lot more relaxed while she gets ready to go out, and manages to have a great time while she’s there, or so she tells me. And I’ve got a blog now, so its all good. But I sometimes wonder; are guys still talking about cigars?

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