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Monday, June 17, 2002

Rest for the Weary

I have just opened my Father's Day gift, and I want to share the excitement. Mickey has trade-marked the "Series Skipper", but does he have a shiny new "Column Compressor"? Let's see how this works. Hmm, put in Krugman's "Plutocracy and Politics", set paper, push here, here we go....

"Prof. Krugman tells us that income inequality, whatever that is, is rising, and the results may be a Great Depression, or worse. Or, maybe not, these are Kevin Phillips opinion's and Krugman doesn't deliver his own."

Hey, OK. Why didn't I get this on Friday? Does it work on anything else? Maybe Krugman's "The Rove Doctrine"?

"After clearing the Bush Administration of any involvement in the death of Elvis Presley, Prof. Krugman informed the nation that Dick Cheney's energy plan was more frightening than Osama Bin Laden, and urged a suitable re-ordering of our national priorities."

Wow, my life is opening up before me. Take out the garbage, clean the garage, reality-based living. I wonder if it works on Kristoff? Let's try "The End of an Uncivil War":

"In other breaking news, Nicholas Kristoff declares the war in Viet Nam to be over and discovers that Harvard, like Kabul, prefers the U.S. military to the Taliban."

Oh, this is great. For all of us.

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