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Tuesday, June 11, 2002

Ring the Bell!

It's dinnertime.

The always interesting Jason Rylander, in his piece titled "Never Fear Debate", may have started one. When I read this:

"But the greatest wartime presidents of the 20th Century -- Wilson, Roosevelt, Truman, Kennedy -- were Democrats. (Yes, I know some will quibble about Kennedy, but the early stages of the Cold War were as dangerous a time as any in history, and I would argue Kennedy's strong leadership proved the model for future Cold Warriors, like Nixon and Reagan).

and I see Reagan lumped in parentheses with Nixon as a Kennedy acolyte, I feel like this.

But I can be reasoned with, so I'll suggest a deal: Tell me why, after reading this or this, that we can't add Reagan to the list. I'm not even asking to strike Kennedy, although he is closely associated with the Viet Nam experience, as noted in the longer article. And for some reason I'm not even asking for Bush I, of Desert Storm fame. But this is a special, limited time offer.

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