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Tuesday, June 04, 2002

Take Me Out to The Ball Game

Don't you hate it when a writer says "such is and such is ranked number two" without completing the thought by including number one? And don't you hate it even more when you know that you ought to be able to complete the thought yourself, but are having total brain freeze?

I'm having a power failure. Help me out, Max Power! If Mark McGwire is number two, who is the premier first baseman of the 90's? And are you taking the Iron Horse at number one all-time?

UPDATE: Jeff Hauser assures me that the premier first baseman of the 90's is the Big Hurt. But wasn't he hurt a lot? You could look it up! And the only thing hurting is my pride. I knew there was some other athlete than Jordan in Chicago.

So now Jeff wants some help: if the recent Kings-Lakers series wasn't the best basketball playoff ever, what was? I liked the Suns-Bulls final with Michael and Sir Charles, myself.

UPDATED UPDATE: The first baseman of the 90's is Jeff Bagwell of the Houston Astros. Yet the Commissioner has denied a personal Texas connection. The cover-up begins to unravel.

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