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Monday, July 15, 2002

Better Than a Cup of Coffee

Need something to get the juices flowing? Jeff Hauser guides us to this post from MaxSpeak (NO, not Max Power!) on the hormone replacement story:

"What really hit home was that women over the age of 45 have really been guinea pigs for a long time . . . " Well, it's not Enron but it turns out that hormone-replacement medication for menopause taken by millions of women for decades is now strongly suspected of having a "statistically small" effect of causing breast cancer, heart attacks, strokes, and blood clots. The news story is here. These are legal, approved drugs. The results came to light in a Federally-funded study.

This kind of thing puts unemployment, losing a chunk of your pension, or getting reamed in a stock sale into perspective. Also libertarianism."

"Also libertarianism"? MaxSpeak has a cool comments section, so my initial impulse was to post a dark-hearted comment each hour until, days later, I felt I had made my key points. But this morning, in a lighter mood, I realize it is far nicer to share. So, stroll on by and let him know what you think. And as you comment, it would be lovely if you could follow the ever-changing and erratically-applied "MinuteMan Way":

1. There are no strangers here, as Will Rogers reminds us, just friends we have't met yet.
2. You catch more flies with honey than with an AK.
3. Have fun, and be nice. Of course, if you can't manage both, definitely have fun.
4. Remember, someday, somebody somewhere will be laughing at you. So you may as well laugh at someone else right now. Carpe diem!

I have no doubt he will welcome a frank exchange of views, and I see from his main page MaxSpeak has an engaging sense of humor, so....Loose the Hounds!

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