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Wednesday, July 24, 2002

Boo the InstaPundit!

Oh, go ahead and strike me dead, I'm too busy to blog much in the next few days (years?) anyway. But what is up with this, from Insta-man?

"JASON RYLANDER has very handsomely revised and extended his remarks on Congressional pay raises in light of the fact that I had said the exact opposite of the view he attributed to me. He also addresses Jeff Hauser's claim that it's not a raise, but a COLA. I don't buy that either. I got a three percent raise this year, which was basically a COLA, but it was called a "raise." Everyone (not just conservative Congress-bashers, of which Hauser too seems to think I am one) has been calling this a pay raise."

So, c'mon, Glenn, your linker is broken? The link to Jason Rylander is working, no, it can't be that your linker is broken. You want to rebut Hauser, link to Hauser. Man, I feel like I'm reading a NY Times column, not the best damn blog in Tennessee.

Now, at the risk of adding something sensible to this discussion, why are we giving Congresspeople "Cost of Living" adjustments pegged to inflation? Aren't they among the leaders in the fight for a sound currency, and the battle against inflation? Surely a "COLA" is a perverse incentive, and I certainly hope Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan's contract doesn't include one.

UPDATE: NO, I don't intend to e-mail Insta-man with this complaint. I'm way too busy and not nearly that stupid.

UPDATE 2: Wow, how did he know? The link to Hauser now appears in its proper place, and my respect (oh, go ahead and say it) and awe are restored.

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