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Wednesday, July 10, 2002

Bush's "Blase-faire" Not Enough

Bush needs to be seen as leading on this issue. A speech that amounts to continued cupcake service at Club Fed, but no more frosting, is not enough. Some of the toughest critics of Drexel, back in its glory days, were its unhappy rivals. I am prepared to believe that there are plenty of honest CEOs that would like to be viewed as something other than parish priests, and would support more vigorous SEC enforcement. If Karl Rove can suck up to a bunch of steelworkers in West Virginia, he can suck up to me.

If he won't, I have a plan: First, I'll threaten to quit arm-twisting my soccer-mom wife into voting Republican. Next, the sound you hear is my checkbook folding shut. But you'll know I have used the nuclear option when my local paper stops getting my cranky letters to the editor. The rest of my plan involves Rudy Giuliani.

And whaddya mean, how about I just vote for the other party? Sorry, I tried that in '76 and '92. "And it's nay, no, never..."

UPDATE: If there is anyone I didn't offend, I'm sorry. Your time will no doubt arrive soon. Very inclusive here.

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