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Tuesday, July 30, 2002

Clinton and the Corporate "Culture of Crime"

So, did the ethical challenges of our former President contribute to a corporate "culture of crime"? Some have argued this to be the case; if I had any pretense to intellectual honesty or consistency, I think I could find examples of The MinuteMan arguing that point. But here are someone else's Deep Thoughts:

"To be honest, much as I would like to blame Bill Clinton for the financial scandals of the last few months, intellectual honesty forbids it. Clinton did many bad things, but the idea that he's responsible for the bad acts of WorldCom or Enron just doesn't scan.

Corporate executives do not commit crimes because the president of the United States commits crimes. They don't behave recklessly because the president behaves recklessly. Indeed, CEOs probably became a bit more careful about taking the Nestea plunge into the intern pool after witnessing Bill Clinton's troubles. But the idea that some CEO okayed the transfer of debts into the earnings column because of Bill Clinton's presidency is just plain silly."

Well, my marching orders are clear - when Jonah Goldberg speaks, I listen.

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