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Monday, July 22, 2002

The French Have a Word For It

According to Frenchmen discussing the relative military capabilities of Europe and the U.S., the French and British are actually quite martial. However, some of the other European countries, who flee from military power and its responsibilities, are described by the French as "les Woodstockians".

And in another demonstration of the narrowing gap between ourselves and our allies, consider this comment by Pascal Lamy, the European Union trade commissioner and, evidently, prospective right wing blogger:

"Stop pretending that the United States and Europe share a common view of the world, recognize we have different world views and interests and then manage our relations." To Americans, he said, "Europeans seem a bunch of unprincipled wimps who complain and embrace multilateralism out of weakness, because unilateralism is out of reach." ...[Mr. Kagan's article] "pushes the debate to the next question: how far will Europeans go to defend their rule-based systems? Will we take risks, lose lives and pay more? That's the real question, which we Europeans have carefully organized ourselves not to ask."

He hears us! All this and more in a fascinating Times article.

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