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Monday, July 29, 2002

Get Out the Decoder Rings

The Times has front page stories on welfare reform and our plans for a strike against Iraq. Kaus seem to have the full decoder set for welfare reform, so, without even checking, I predict a comment eventually, although these Left Coasters often need a cup of coffee to get going. As to Iraq, the sourcing will be interesting. The State Dept. and many military men prefer a "wait and see" approach with Sadaam. Some civilian adventurers in the Pentagon (read "Wolfowitz") want Sadaam now. Who leaked, and why? I may even offer my own humble opinion after I finish some morning chores.

UPDATE: One day later, Mickey Kaus fills a page with his "Quickie Nina B. Talking Points" on welfare reform. Full analysis to follow? How much more can we take?

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