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Wednesday, July 10, 2002

Hey, Ladies, You Need to Check the Sports Pages

What do we find buried in the sports sections of the Boston Globe, the Liberal Death Star, and the Washington Post? "Hootie" Johnson is defending the Augusta National golf club against efforts by the National Council of Women's Organizations to open its membership to women.

Self-disclosure: I watch about two hours of golf per year, split amongst the four majors and ONLY if Tiger Woods is playing, so I may not be quite their target audience. Also, my initial reaction is that golf clubs all over America are men-only, so why pick on these guys, other than for a quick headline?

But reading the story gives me a whole new outlook. If this "Hootie" clown is this dumb, he deserves whatever hideous fate befalls him. I could go to any of the first hundred names on the Instapundit blogroll and, if any of them were so inclined, get a more coherent defense of "Hootie's" position than "Hootie" himself provides. I could go to the next hundred sites and get roughly one hundred brutal takedowns of "Hootie's" erstwhile "defense". "Hootie" delivers the non-sequitors, the strawmen, the snide counter-attacks - he could write an amusing blog, but a one-man PR firm he's not.

Let's assemble the excerpts from what was evidently a three page letter:

"We want the American public to be aware of this action right from the beginning," Johnson said in the statement. "Dr. Burk's [NCWO] letter incorporates a deadline tied to the Masters and refers to sponsors of the tournament's telecast. These references make it abundantly clear that Augusta National Golf Club is being threatened with a public campaign designed to use economic pressure to achieve a goal of the N.C.W.O.

"We expect such a campaign would attempt to depict the members of our club as insensitive bigots and coerce the sponsors of the Masters to disassociate themselves under threat, real or implied, of boycotts and other economic pressures.

"We will not be bullied, threatened or intimidated. Obviously, Dr. Burk and her colleagues view themselves as agents of change, and feel any organization that has stood the test of time and has strong roots of tradition and does not fit their profile, needs to be changed. We do not intend to become a trophy in their display case. There may well come a day when women will be invited to join our membership, but that timetable will be ours, and not at the point of a bayonet. We do not intend to be further distracted by this matter. We shall continue our traditions and prepare to host the Masters as we have since 1934."

Such a pleasure to hear orderly reasoning from calm, thoughtful folks. Makes me feel right at home.

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