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Thursday, July 11, 2002

House Votes to Arm Pilots

Surprisingly, the NY Times fails to applaud this 310-113 vote, which could fairly be described as representing a broad bi-partisan consensus. Evidently, even Barbara Boxer is getting in line.

The bill applies to domestic and international flights. Left unanswered is whether the Euro-weenies will allow armed US pilots into their tranquil airports. Perhaps the bill covers this by deputizing the pilots into Federal service, but I wonder if it is that easy. There are also real issues here: if an armed pilot looks Germanic, there is a good chance that half of the natives on a flight to Paris will surrender.

Meanwhile, there is evidently an opening for a "spinmeister" at the Violence Policy Center, a Washington based gun control group which opposes this measure. Among their many statistics, the Times lead with this:

"21 percent of police officers killed with a handgun were shot with their own service weapons."

Oh, please. If Underperformin' Norman can do his job with Homeland Security, I promise you that 100% of pilots shot on flights will be shot with their own weapons. When I see cops lining up to disarm themselves, I will reconsider this point. And if I were on the payroll at the Violence Policy Center, I would be screaming about those two drunk America West pilots. If those two are in the NRA, this debate is over.

UPDATE: The Insta-man rises to defend the honor of the French thusly:

"As the response to "shoebomber" Richard Reid demonstrates, French civilians are quite courageous when circumstances require. "

C'mon, if Richard Reid looks Germanic, I'll eat a strudel. OTH, somebody might be kidding. Or not, if we can believe the Times.

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