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Wednesday, July 31, 2002

I Am Not Worthy

The Economist is so good that I may just have to quit reading it. Sure, I know it is brilliantly written and well-informed, but their ability to deliver a subtle yet brutal takedown is awe-inspiring.

I refer to their latest cover, which may appear here. George Bush is walking along, looking over his shoulder to peer with concern at the bob-tailed dog behind him. The caption says "It's the economy, boss".

The first part is easy. We all know that the original expression, courtesy of James Carville, is "It's the economy, stupid". So, who is the Economist calling stupid?

But beyond that, what is up with that dog? It's tail is bobbed, so it's not wagging its tail. Could George Bush be thinking about wagging the dog? Ouch.

They note in their editorial that they endorsed Bush in 2000 and have supported his war on terror. But when these guys take a shot at someone, they hit hard. My advice? Stay on their good side, and hope they never start a blog.

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