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Tuesday, July 09, 2002

In Other Action: Men in Black 2, Audience 1

I took a couple of the kids to see Men in Black 2. Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones battle evil space aliens intent on blowing up Earth, and even more evil scriptwriters intent on turning Manhattan into a laugh- and charm-free zone. The eight year old loved the talking dog! Bow wow! This gag was briefly amusing, but paled after roughly, oh, it seemed like three hours but was probably less.

And what was up with casting Lara Flynn Boyle as the evil space alien? Wouldn't the movie work better if they got someone evil and but also sexy? C'mon, isn't Ann Coulter looking for work after getting sacked by the NRO?

I love both Mr. Smith and Mr. Jones, and they nearly make this movie work. Nearly. Rent the original.

In other cultural news, what about the trailers? Glad you asked. "I Spy" with Eddie Murphy and Owen Wilson ("Shanghai Noon, "Meet the Parents", "Zoolander) looked like fun. And you can start the Academy Award nominations right now: if you thought you loved "The Fellowship of the Ring", you ain't seen nothing. "The Two Towers" is going to rock non-stop. Spoiler alert: Sir Ian McKellen will get another nomination for Best Actor. And another one, until they get it right.

But the biggest excitement: a moltern pool of silvery metal -"wait! I've seen that effect before!". The metal forms into a large "T" - "Oh, don't goad me like this". Part of the "T" forms into a "3", and is chipped away - "Whoa, it's Terminator 3!". And what idiot, upon seeing the release date of July 2, 2003, stops whispering and shouts out "Oh, man, another YEAR?" Sure, my daughter's friends got a big laugh, but she was mortified. Teenagers, you know.

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