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Wednesday, July 24, 2002

Israeli Strike in Gaza Kills a Hamas Leader and Fouteeen Others

This story and the followup has made the front page of the Times two days running. My quick survey of the blogosphere showed very little reaction at all. The Oooold Crow gave us :

"One more terrorist is taking the eternal celestial dirtnap.
Henry Hanks // 11:42 AM"

This doesn't seem to fully explore the issues, although there is a "reap what you sow" attitude implied here that I can get behind. However, my "thought-through" reaction is that of Michael Pine, if I were thinking and writing clearly, and who has the time?

My only quibble with the Pine piece? He closes with "The Israeli government continues to think tactically, rather than strategically...". I do not think (and I suspect Mr. Pine does not think) that the Israeli governnment is monolithic on the subject of how best to deal with Hamas, and offer this article in evidence.

UPDATE: OK, I lack patience. The blogosphere is now humming with this. Instapundit provides links to Alterman, the Bear, and many others.
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