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Sunday, July 21, 2002

It's Summertime, and a Middle-Aged Man's Fancy

Turns to thoughts of.... lawncare? Well, yes. Sorry, ladies. Victor Davis Hanson of NRO tells us how to brighten the tedium of uprooting dandelions by pretending each one is a member of Al-quaeda. Oh, you know he didn't; he presents an extended metaphor comparing Johnsonweed, which apparently overran vineyards in California at one time, with our fight against Al-quaeda. Strike at the roots! Go after Syria, Iraq, Iran, and Libya! But hold on. Hanson knows a lot more about military history, and apparently weed history, than I do. But I read NRO. Surely he left out some roots?

Oh, here it is:

"We should seek out more liberal members of the Saudi royal family and explain to them that democratic reform alone can now prevent the collapse of their entire regime."

Oh, OK. Better explain it slowly.

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