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Monday, July 15, 2002

Kristof Plays Baseball, and Strikes Out

The civic leaders of Arlington, Texas wanted a new ball park for their beloved Rangers, and worked aggressively with the Bush-lead franchise to deliver. Whoop-de-damn-do. I don't have an interest in sending my tax dollars into a new stadium for rich players and richer owners, but, as Kristof says,

"Local voters overwhelmingly approved the deal, so maybe we shouldn't get so exercised by star-struck local officials giving $200 million to rich baseball owners."

Ya think?

More on "American Family Voices"

Newman gives us a view from the left on "American Family Voices", and tells us how McCain-Feingold may put us on "The Road to Perdition".

Meanwhile, I just love that wholesome "American Family Voices" name. I need to remember that naming strategy when I set up my shadowy right wing group prior to 2004. Let's see, "Shadowy Right Wing Group" would be an amusing self-parody which may give us play in "The Onion". "Sinister Crawly Things"? Out. Current favorite is "Mom, Apple Pie, and the Flag". Can't you see the press coverage?

"A spokesperson for Mom, Apple Pie, and the Flag said today..." Whatever, Mom, you know best.

Love it. Also love "Calm Thoughtful Ideas". Let's pretend:

"A spokesperson for Calm Thoughtful Ideas was anything but, as he denounced the latest Democratic proposals with a fury and passion not seen since last Saturday night when Sen. Ted Kennedy heard "last call!".

Still in development...

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