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Monday, July 15, 2002

Krugman Plays Baseball and Swings Wildly

Relatives are in town today, so I have to settle for a little "Paulie", rather than "The Full Krugman." Still, a very revealing column by Paul Krugman today. Let's consider Krugman's opening:

"Why are George W. Bush's business dealings relevant? Given that his aides tout his "character," the public deserves to know that he became wealthy entirely through patronage and connections."

Krugman goes on to to evaluate Bush's character entirely through his business dealings. That's it? We measure a man's character by his bank statement? Nothing about his one marriage, his evident fidelity, his seemingly OK kids, his battle with demon rum, nothing at all, really, except some business transactions. This may tell us more about Krugman than about Bush.

Krugman and Kristof are both going after Bush's Texas Rangers experience today. From this coincidence, I infer that they have both decided to work through the rest of the American Family Voices file. Krugman was less than 100% accurate with his last "file dump", and presumably is not fully accurate today, either. But accuracy is not the point - the idea is to sling as much mud and see if any sticks. And, since even a blind squirrel finds a nut, who knows? Neither I nor, I suspect, Krugman, have time to evaluate the full American Family Voices files today. However, I would check out Hoystory for what is typically a fine de-Krugging.

UPDATE: Hey, The MinuteMan today, the Kausfiles tomorrow! Mickey also wonders about the Kristof/Krugman coincidence in "Two Times Columnists Show Up in the Same Dress". I walk with giants.

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