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Saturday, July 20, 2002

More Evidence That I Am Not Quite Dumb Enough...

to be a Professional Golf Executive.

From today's Times, "Don't Stretch a Course; Tighten It, we learn that:

"JUDGING by what's happening at Muirfield in the 131st British Open, the Masters and the United States Open made a mistake this year in adding length for the sake of length.

The increased length was supposed to make it more difficult for Tiger Woods and the other 300-yard sluggers. Instead, it made it easier for Woods to win both major tournaments because of golf's titanium theory of reverse relativity: the longer the yardage at Augusta National and the Black Course at Bethpage State Park, the fewer golfers in serious contention."

Really? Making a course longer doesn't make it harder for long hitters? Knock me over with a feather. Or better yet, hit me in the head with a nine-iron, so I can qualify for a job at Augusta.

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