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Monday, July 29, 2002

Movie Review: Minority Report

It's doing huge box office, and the critics loved it, but here is my minority report: don't bother. I like to think that I have a good capability for suspending disbelief (Bush supporter!) and I don't even demand internal consistency in sci-fi movies. For example, the logic of the "Terminator" movies doesn't stand up to a great deal of scrutiny, but the logic is clearly just a plot device to trigger a kick-ass adventure. However, "Minority Report has at its core a murder mystery, and I expect a who-dunnit to play by the rules, even if it initially makes up a few of them. By that measure, this movie is frustratingly inconsistent, and for large stretches the viewer is left wondering how what they are seing now could possibly jibe with what they saw twenty minutes ago. Spielberg spent a lot of money and delivers some great visuals. He also had a very intiguing premise. Too bad he decided to stop making sense.

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