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Wednesday, July 10, 2002

Nice Guys Finish...in a Tie?

Let's give the fans what they want, and get every player into the game! Ooops, now we are out of players, and....BOOO! A tie score? The fans want a winner! Made even more ironic because, during an annoying game-time chat with the managers, Joe Torre, who has managed All-Star games before, was asked if had given any advice to Bob Brenly, the opposing manager who is new to this. Joe's advice, paraphrased: "Have fun, and don't run out of players."

Continuing our All-Star blunders patrol, what knucklehead said this"

"You really should not miss the All-Star pre-game show....I confidently predict great footage of Ted Williams' career....So, tune in early. The game itself, probably a pass".

You would have to look high and low for a prediction that wrong. Well, not that low, actually, since it was my call in the previous post. The fans in the stadium saw Ted Williams highlights on Diamondvision, while viewers at home were treated to a Mastercard commercial. Everywhere I want to be, except Milwaukee. The Thirty Most Memorable Moments in baseball was fun, although I did not see Bucky Dent hit one into the screen at Fenway. But who was that refugee from a garage mechanic's pin-up calendar mangling the lyrics to "The Star Spangled Banner"? "The rockets gave glare...". No, sweetie, that is me giving glare, like this...hoomph. Oh, was it Anastacia? Just give me anesthesia.

And the game itself? Yes, I watched it, a foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds, and there are no hobgoblins here. The Torii Hunter - Barry Bonds show was what makes the All-Star spectacle so much fun. Too bad we had a work stoppage here in July, and another one looming.

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