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Friday, July 05, 2002

Show Me The Money

So Nathan Newman suggests that a Bush defeat in 2004 is a good bet. Like a crazed escapee from Political Junkies Anonymous, I pounce and say “How much, what odds?”. Brief pause, because Nathan is a smart one, and wants to test the market to get himself a good price. But The MinuteMan is sly like the fox, and has seen “The Sting”, so I figure if I hang around his site and act like a jerk, I can goad him into an even money bet. And yes, that’s a bit disingenuous - being a jerk comes so easily to me that it probably should not be called “an act”.

So, let’s help Nathan, or The MinuteMan. Check out the site, pound the table, chant “Show me the money”. Should be fun. The loser pays to the winner’s charity, so I think we are legal, and maybe even moral. If not, hey, I’ve got a smart lawyer. Although if Nathan defends both of us, he definitely has a fool for a client.

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