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Friday, July 19, 2002

Still "Aloha" to Harken Energy

We predicted its death. Now, a humble word search at the Times and the WaPo for "aloha harken" turns up nothing since we commented on 7/14. You don't care? Neither does Nathan Newman.

UPDATE: Sunday, July 21: If you want to create more cars in a minute than Detroit can produce in a month, just say the magic words: "I think we'll be on time. I can't believe traffic is so light." Works with Harken Energy, too. Apparently, the WaPo has a story on it. Well, they may be on this 24/7, but I'm covering this 2/5. Don't they have a ballgame to watch, or anything? I'll try again Monday, but leave you with this damning quote from the Center for Public Integrity:

"[The documents]...do not unambiguously resolve the question of what Bush knew about Harken's reporting of the sale."

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