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Sunday, July 14, 2002

Taking Responsibility

You see this a lot in sports, and not often enough elsewhere. Here is a hapless Indians pitcher commenting on his ghastly outing against the mighty Yanks:

""I stunk," Drese said. "They hit every kind of pitch I threw up there. It was one of those nights. I'm extremely upset. They did a good job of hitting, but I stunk.

Drese was roughed up for eight runs, eight hits and three walks in 1 1/3 innings, the shortest outing in 22 career starts

Yeah, you stunk. But you stood up and and said so afterwards, so good for you. Character building stuff. Next time, go out and beat the Red Sox.

UPDATE: He stunk? Then how do you describe the greatest closer in baseball, when he blows a three run lead in the ninth to lose 10-7, ending with a dramatic grand-slam to an earnest young chap just up from the minors?

"Today was one of those days," Mariano Rivera said. "Everything I threw, they hit."

And how about the pitch that gave up the grand-slam?

"It's where I wanted it," Rivera said of his patented inside cut fastball. "He hit my best pitch. I can't get upset."

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