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Tuesday, July 23, 2002

We Interrupt This Blog...

To bring you the following announcement: due to the impending arrival of friends and family, I will almost surely be blog-free for several days. However, I would like to leave you with a long-ish "think piece" I have been working on. It is amusing and insightful, topical yet timeless, and weaves together, I might say effortlessly, the Bush Administration Election 2002 strategy, the history of the Middle East, ideas for African development, and my thoughts on cyronics, Ted Williams, and the attempted colonization of Mars. I simply need to update a few links and.....

Hey, "Blogger" shouldn't do that! And what kind of a message is this: "File Not Found. Not Now, Not Ever, Never!". Do they think this is funny? Do they see me smiling? And what is that car rolling up the driveway? They are like, two hours early! This is not my morning. Well, another time, perhaps.

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