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Tuesday, July 02, 2002

We Need Darth Vader. We'll take Rudy Giuliani.

Corporate governance is a mess. George Bush is going to put some people in jail. Who is sitting around with time on his hands? Who taught Wall Street the meaning of fear when we had a crisis of confidence in the late 80's?

No, not Shaft. Rudy Giuliani! He's a respected Republican who has walked this road before and is not seen as being in Bush's pocket. Set him up as a Special Prosecutor, let Ashcroft focus on re-organizing the FBI, and let's kick ass!

OK, how exactly is this a step up for Rudy? Shouldn't he be due for a Cabinet level post? I need help here. How about "Crusading Republican Reformer runs for VP!" Or runs with McCain as a third party candidate. Or uses this as a stepping stone into the Senate when Schumer's seat is contested in 2004. Or just does it because he can, and we need him. Look, I try to have one good idea per year here, and this might save me about six months struggle. Don't niggle at me. Think big. Think Rudy.

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