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Sunday, August 04, 2002

The Gore Effect: As Strong As Ever

With the possible exception of Bob Dole offering himself as a bridge to the future, no one can rival Al Gore's ability to create a ludicrous mismatch of message and messenger. Sunday, Big Al is granted prime real estate on the Times Op-Ed page to present his thoughts. Hit it, Al:

"There has always been a debate over the destiny of this nation between those who believed they were entitled to govern because of their station in life, and those who believed that the people were sovereign."

C'mon, I said hit IT, Big Al, not hit ME. I am pretty sure that "the people were sovereign" crowd represents the good guys. But are you seriously pretending that you don't act like you are entitled to govern? Little Prince Albert, son of a Senator, raised in the halls of Congress, prep schoool, Harvard, "Love Story", a congressional seat as a graduation gift, heir to a Senate seat? Al, you're practically a eugenics experiment. Until a Kennedy declares for the Presidency, you are the only Democrat who can not possibly offer this argument in opposition to George Bush and expect anyone to keep a straight face. But thanks for showing up.

UPDATE: More on the "Gore Effect" from Josh Marshall, in a piece which is otherwise supportive of Big Al:

"I have to confess that when I read Gore column, I found it a touch jarring, even as I agreed with much of it. Another friend of mine who is quite sensible, but also rather left in her politics, told me last night that she found what Gore wrote grating and inauthentic."

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