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Friday, August 09, 2002

Krugman's Column on Friday

OK, this is literally Just One Minute, since I am running out the door. Egg timer ready, turn it over - go!

After one quick reading, I would say that Krugman's column this Friday is great. Look, Krugman can attack Treasury Secretary O'Neill all day, and I won't squeak. Just don't go after his wife and dog. As to the rest, when Krugman delivers a retraction, he delivers. What should we do in Latin America? Well, if he is confused, imagine how I feel.

And, as a special bonus, the Krugman wit:

"... I have a bad feeling about this." Props for the Star Wars reference.

Mini-UPDATE: Always time for good manners. This fellow suggested to me that my buddy from Detroit might have some interesting thoughts on Al Sharpton (see below). It was only upon arriving at his site that I had a weird "Oh my goodness, if it's Friday, this must be Krugman" feeling. So, normally I find the Professor right there in my big fat NY Times, but today... well, links all around. Regular lefty-bashing to resume Monday, or as soon as Dick Gephardt opens his mouth.

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