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Wednesday, August 14, 2002

Movie Reviews on Wednesday?

Those of you not fortunate enough to have kids may have missed the opening of "Spy Kids 2" last weekend. Silver lining. Antonio Banderas puts the movie on his broad shoulders, give us a big grin, and carries it as far as humanly possible. Other cast members are also fun: Ricardo Montalban reprises his role in "The Wrath of Khan"... NO, of course he doesn't, wake up and smell the popcorn! Anyway, I actually enjoyed the original, and this sequel fell short. The kids "liked it OK", but didn't love it. Which means we won't need to see it again for at least a week.

But enough about me. Everyone is talking about "XXX". Yesterday we mentioned Nathan Newman's piece on it, complete with photos; today, Demosthenes steps out of the Shadow to join in. Approach this second review cautiously: it alludes to the intellectual influence of Paul Krugman, and at this site we are adamant that Professor Krugman's influence is in a NASDAQ-like decline. On the other hand, Krugman and his supporters may as well speak now, because when I perfect my Google-Krugman worm-virus, they will never get another word out. I will achieve total net domination! All these Krugs and pre-Krugs will know the wrath of a righteous...

Sorry, wrong movie. Anyway, my project is still in development. Just One Trailer. But, despite not having seen "XXX", I will say this: these guys see it and reflect on Bin Laden and third world development; I see "Minority Report" and reflect on the Constitution and civil liberties and the pace of economic progress. We have a bizarre fellowship here in the blogosphere. Fun. My kind of people. But just the littlest bit odd.

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