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Wednesday, August 07, 2002

My New Best Friend

Maureen Dowd has her claws out for Al Gore's Sunday drop dead op-ed piece. I have already offered my thoughts on the "Gore Effect". Now, let us see what this sage and philosopher-queen has to say:

"If you are one of the entitled, you are entitled to save people from themselves.

Rule No. 3: In the debate between those who believe they are entitled to govern because of their station in life and those who believe that the people are sovereign — hedge, straddle, fib. Your political birthright, your Ivy schooling, your upbringing in the corridors of power certainly entitle you to govern. If you need to pretend that the people are sovereign in order to become sovereign of the people, what's a little lèse-majesté? Lèse is more.

If you are one of the entitled, then you are entitled to knock entitlement."

Wisdom, insight, wit - MoDo delivers the full package. OK, it was just a few days ago that I wondered out loud if her meds should be adjusted . It looks like they were! Power of the blogosphere, baby. And man, if you think women are fickle, you're not reading The MinuteMan!

UPDATE: Oh, fine, you want something serious. All the big boys have commented on Al Gore, but have you seen this?

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