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Tuesday, August 13, 2002

Nathan Newman Questions My Manhood

Hey, is this any way to run an "anonablog"? Oh, you already knew. Anyway, waaay back when, Nathan sort of hinted around that he might go even-money betting against Bush's re-election. I tried to nail down a bet, but Nathan went looking for better odds, and found them. 3-1 for "Anyone but Bush", Bush at 1-3! Give me a break. But beyond giving me a break, give me some of that. I want to bet against Bush at 3-1, but Nathan's bettor doesn't seem to dig my action, and won't up the ante. Yet. But maybe somebody else will. So, Nathan's got a little market going, Bush is the favorite, Anyone but Bush pays 3-1. Legal issues and settlement issues are described in the archives. Help me.

And while you are at Nathan's site, don't cheat yourself by skipping his other stuff. Look for his XXX feature at the top.

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