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Thursday, August 08, 2002

Straight Out of the Peanut Gallery

The Ooold Crow points us to the always interesting Seven come Eleven, who has another interesting post on Saddam. I believe that I have never linked to this particular Higher Being, and I hate to start off with a disagreement, but I found this excerpt a bit jaw-dropping:

"Saddam is not suicidal. But he is arrogant, cruel, crafty, and totally contemptuous of us. He has underestimated us again and again. The policies of his government, and the way his government has tried to deal with us over the last 10 years have demonstrated a complete misunderstanding of what we are and what we're willing to do."

A complete misunderstanding? IF Bush does lead us into a war against Iraq, this statement may be shown to be true. However, at this point Saddam seems to have made more progress towards his objectives than we have made towards ours.

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