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Wednesday, August 14, 2002

Susanna Cornett is My Muse

This has been true since she was kind enough to give me this link, for my first big traffic day. Since then, we have had a lot of fun, and some serious moments.

One such serious moment was August 11. Ms. "Cut on the Bias" ran a striking photo reminding us that we are the eleven-month mark for 9/11. Based on her weekend traffic figures, she affected many of us with her post, and left me pondering the following:

Major commemorations are planned for September 11. Now, everyone will agree that the memorial services should not "politicize" the event. But what does that mean? I took one look at that photo, and the whole horrible fall came back to me. Each day for a month after 9/11, something in the paper made me cry. Now, I'm in Connecticut, and our town lost six people, so perhaps our area felt it more than others; but I really do not believe, in the country at large, that people have forgotten, or are over it, or have moved on. We have the thinnest of bandages over a very ugly wound.

It is my totally unscientific guess that, after a day of television coverage and vivid reminders, this nation will surprise itself. A lot of politicians and pundits may be surprised as well. I really thought I had put my fury to one side, until Ms. Cornett put up her photo on 8/11/02. And the consequences? Ask me in another month.

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