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Sunday, August 11, 2002

There's Only One Boss

And, sorry, Springsteen fans, it's George Steinbrenner. Let's check these quotes from the Sunday Times:

The Boss on apologizing:

"As for the Expos, Steinbrenner is not about to apologize to the team's president, Tony Tavares, or general manager, Omar Minaya.

"To the fans in Montreal, if they feel I am the one that has betrayed them, I send my apology, because I love that city, it's a great city," Steinbrenner said. "I just don't know how sure I am that I should be the guy apologizing. I said what I said because it seemed that way to me."

Referring to Tavares and Minaya, Steinbrenner said: "There will be no apologies to them. I just feel for the fans of Montreal, that's all."

And, The Boss on his place on the evolutionary ladder, vis a vis lawyers:

"Rob Manfred says that it's nothing. Bob DuPuy said, `Don't be concerned about it.' I worry when a lawyer says that. I don't know that it shouldn't be something that concerns us all."

Manfred is Major League Baseball's chief labor lawyer, and DuPuy is its president and chief operating officer....

"I'm not saying I'm as smart as DuPuy, don't misunderstand me," Steinbrenner said. "But I haven't been too stupid. I'm one of the best of the stupid ones, let's put it that way. I'm one of the best of the dumb ones."

Words of inspiration for bloggers everywhere.

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