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Friday, August 09, 2002

They Kill All Those Trees and Deliver Us What?

As part of our ongoing effort to provide the finest in, uhhh, something or other, let me provide a service dismally lacking in the NY Times. Professor Krugman mentioned Brad DeLong in his column today AND mentioned a clever Brad DeLong phrase:

"... now it's time, as Berkeley's Brad DeLong puts it, to mark my beliefs to market."

Does the Times provide ANY links? NO! Now, Brad DeLong is a Blog-monster (well, Large Mammal) who, I might add, is always interesting, sometimes infuriating, and reliably a good sport. Still, Krugman should have linked to him. So, as part of my ongoing effort, as noted above, let me provide a suitable link to Brad DeLong. You will notice that I link to a post of his which begins with what might be construed as a cheap shot at Margaret Thatcher. That instigates a predictable reader insurrection and counter-strike. Relatively early in the comments, we see the now-famous, Krugman approved phrase.

So there it is. Does YOUR Times deliver?

UPDATE: You use Google, I use my memory. Advantage: Readers! For an interesting and accessible example of the phrase, try this piece, helpfully titled "Marking My Beliefs to Market". Dated March 2000 - how does it look now?

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