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Friday, August 09, 2002

The Two Als

The Brothers Judd point us to this story about the Other Al, Al Sharpton. The story ties into my "Two Als" theory, which is that Gore and Sharpton will plague the Democratic Presidential nominating process in 2004.

So, the Reverend is in Chicago, Jesse Jackson's hometown, to speak with the community and family members about the mob that beat two men to death after their van jumped the curb and struck three women, killing one and seriously injuring the others. His message:

"If this had been a white mob, we would have all been here," said Sharpton, president of the National Action Network in New York. "The fact that it is a black mob makes it morally inexcusable for us not to be here as well. We must be against mob violence no matter what the color of the mob."

... Sharpton met with community residents to discuss the incident. When the meeting ended, he said there was a need for stronger leadership in the black community.

...Sharpton repeatedly said Tuesday afternoon the glorification of violence through film and music should be examined as a root cause of last week's incident.

"Our families have been torn apart too long by violence, violence that has been romanticized," Sharpton said. "It's time for us as moral leaders to sit down and deal with the violence that permeates our society and makes our young and our old reckless and irresponsible."

And how does the New Black Panther Party feel about this?

"No longer will the black community stand to be pimped and tricked by these so-called Negro preachers," said New Black Panther member Brother Ephraim, as he and others chased the Rev. James Meeks, pastor of Salem Baptist Church, to his black SUV, shouting at him and nearly blocking him from leaving."

So, there it is: Al Sharpton, voice of moderation, non-violence, and responsible leadership. Remember, Democrats: you can't spell "Very Real Trouble" without "Rev. Al".

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