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Friday, August 16, 2002

We Will Be Gone For a Week

Hope you all enjoy the balance of the summer. Just One Item from our assignment desk:

We are troubled by the absence of orignial speeches at the 9/11 commemoration in New York. The story mentions the collaboration of Peggy Noonan and Ronald Reagan after the Challenger disaster. So, we suggest that for her contribution to 9/11, Peggy Noonan write the speech that a younger Ronald Reagan might have delivered. We suspect she is doing exactly that anyway.

Secondly, Iraq: In the blogosphere there have been many "can we / can't we" debates regarding our military capability in the region. There have been many "should we / shouldn't we" debates about international law, the view of our allies, and our priorities relative to other issues, such as the West Bank and Gaza. Recently, Jason Rylander offered a post, which I will describe as "will we / won't we", titled "The March to War" (scroll up for part 2).

Following on his thoughts, and left unremarked: September 11 was perhaps the most humiliating day in the history of the US Presidency. Do you remember George Bush being shuttled from one military base to the next, his safety uncertain and his link to the American public tenuous? George Bush surely does. And Donald Rumsfeld? He spent the morning helping survivors out of the burning Pentagon. For these two, 9/11 must have been a searing personal experience, and I strongly believe that they are determined that it will not happen again to themselves or their successors. As much as we may hope that the final decisions on Iraq will be the result of a logical, analytical process, this emotional component should not be ignored.

No predictions, no conclusions. Back in a week. Great Little League stories below, and other good stuff below that.

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