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Sunday, August 25, 2002

The Week That Was

I'm back! Did I miss anything? Let me see:

Iraq: Kissinger opposes a war with Iraq, suggests the Times. Not so fast, say Kaus, Krauthammer, and Keller - Kissinger supports a war with Iraq. All very entertaining, but I was struck by the non-reaction in the blogosphere to Safire's Thursday piece suggesting a clear link between al-Qaeda and Saddam Hussein.

Cynthia McKinney: Good-bye. And now it's a Jewish conspiracy? A complete investigation might reveal that to be the case, if I may borrow a phrase.

Enron exec pleads guilty: My main Man Without Quaities has an extended discussion of this, which leads to an intriguing question: can Andy Fastow, former Enron CFO, be too guilty? If he engaged in personal self-enrichment scams such as Southhampton, maybe he really was lying to everyone above him about everything else. Attorneys for Skilling and Lay will surely consider a "the buck stops there" defense and attempt to pin everything on the crooked CFO. And the truth is...?

Krugman: Puts the weight of the NY Times behind Josh in the Talking Points Memo dispute with the WaPo and provides a dead-tree link. But does Josh comment on whether he got a traffic boost? The blogosphere waits and wonders. And Mickey wonders (Aug. 20) about the rest of Krugman's column.

Kristof: Our man Nicholas continues his strange journey back from what must have been a media-bias re-education camp. On Tuesday, he offers a sensible "Nuke the Whales". Friday, kind words for Christian evangelicals and right wing Republicans as he joins in the general pounding on Florida's wacked out adoption law. Props to Pandagon, by the way, whose eye for the absurd spotted this before either the Times or the Wall Street Journal.

Herbert: On Tuesday, he offers a sequel to "Three Killers But No Baby", of which more later. Friday's column takes us back to the subject of Tulia for the sixth time. Apparently his crusade has prompted Senators Schumer and Clinton of New York to prod the Justice Department on the matter of their criminal investigation. Good.

Hilarity and Good Times: The Amish have their thinking caps on, and are cooking up a BIG project. But is this film Amish-approved? I don't think so.

And the Brothers Judd provide a story about the NY Times under attack with a headline that brings a smile, and suggests a replacement for "All the news that's fit to print". Their headline: "Gray lady down". The Brothers also have a fascinating take on the Robin Hood legend. If I recall, their view confounds the view of one of Ayn Rand's protaganists in "Atlas Shrugged". Was it Francisco D'Anconia who had the Robin Hood speech? Hey, Objectivists, go hassle the Judd boys. And good luck.

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