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Thursday, September 26, 2002

Instant Reaction to the ABC News/PrimeTime on the Central Park Jogger

Quick take: very fair and balanced. Not nearly as exploitative as it could have been, and it made the point quite clearly that there are two sides to this discussion. My media bias fears were totally misplaced. Talk Left is planning to comment on this case in the next few days. They were kind enough to give me a sneak preview, and it promises to be thoughtful and well researched, so I am already a fan. Any of my deep thoughts will be in response to their post, alhough of course other e-mails or new postings are encouraged.

So, back to ABC: in watching the old videotapes of the confessions, several references were made to "Steve", who was alleged at one point to have cut the joggers pants with a knife. I will guess this to be Steve Lopez. The police believed him to be the ringleader, but he never made a statement. Eventually he acepted a plea deal for one charge of robbery.

The Cuffee family appeared last night in support of the five. Several members of the family offered their version of events at trial, and were not believed.

Finally, during one of the commercial breaks, ABC plugged next week's show. Remember the Estrada brothers, who murdered their parents? I don't, I don't even think I have the right name. Anyway, they killed their wealthy parents, the courts rejected their plea for mercy on the basis of the their status as orphans, and now they are in jail. The news? Some woman has married one of them. "Why?" asks Barbara Walters soulfully. And we are supposed to tune in next week to find out? Hello, Barbara, a rich hubby with no in-laws, does it get any better? Man, who watches this stuff?

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