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Wednesday, October 02, 2002

Angels in the Bullpen

How about that game last night? The Yankees went back and forth with the Angels until, with some late inning heroics, the Yankees win. Just another day of New York Yankee Playoff Baseball!

But enough about he Yankees, what about me? Yesterday, people questioned my commitment, and my heart. Did I have what it took to watch Playoff Baseball? How would I hold up to playoff pressure?

Well, we admit to a bit of a head-loll in the bottom of the eighth inning, with the Yankees trailing 5-4. When I came to, my lucky Yankees cap was gone, and Soriano was on first with two out. How did he get there? A walk, after being down 0-2? Jeter draws another walk, and now Jason Giambi strides to the plate. New pitcher! The Angels have, in their bullpen, Troy Percival, one of the top, top closers in the game. And he stays in the bullpen! Oh, we were burying Mike Scioscia, Angels manager, even before Giambi got the game-tying single. You need four outs to win, bring in Percival! We were brutal.

And, as Bernie Williams strode to the plate with two men on and the score tied, we turned our wrath on the announcers, who gave us this: “Here comes Bernie Williams, who is often overlooked in this Yankees lineup”.

The crowd went nuts, and instantly delivered an American Express commercial:

“Hi, you may not know me. Although I bat clean-up and play centerfield for the most successful ball club in history, have four World Series rings, am a regular at the All-Star game, have earned one batting title and was in the hunt for a second this year, I am often overlooked by national television announcers. My name? Bernie Williams”.

Oh, do these announcers practice “stupid”, or does it come naturally? We got all that out even before “Bernie goes Boom”, for the 8-5 lead. Mariano in, the Angels out, Yankees up 1-0. I found my lucky Yankees cap, with the tinfoil lining intact. And please, how about a laugher? Does every game have to be done the hard way?

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