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Thursday, October 10, 2002

Birds of Prey

As part of our ongoing attempt to provide the finest in whatever it is we are providing here, we have a review of a new fall television show from WB called "Birds of Prey". My interest in this derives exclusively from a desire to do a bit of a parental screening - my pre-teen daughter was eager to see this, and I am never sure with "WB" just what bizarre and inappropriate mixture of sex and violence to expect.

So, Birds of Prey: Once upon a time, Batgirl battled crime the old fashioned way, slugging it out alongside the Caped Crusader. However, the Joker gunned her down, leaving her paralyzed. Now, operating from a wheelchair, she continues her fight against evil by operating all sorts of gee-whiz, high-tech equipment from an incredibly well-equipped apartment, or hideaway, or, as they call it, "lair". Must be rent-controlled, whatever it is. Anyway, her cool name is "Oracle", and we can only hope she is having more success than the company of the same name.

Her partner is "Huntress", the illegitimate daughter of Catwoman and Batman. Given her parentage, she has impressive genetic endowments gifting her with extraordinary strength, quickness, and ferocity. She has other impressive endowments as well, which are nicely displayed by her improbably skimpy "fighting" costume. Please. Suitable for fighting a bartender at a disco, maybe, but that is about it.

And, as a newby to this crime fighting team, some out of town chick with pre-cognitive powers shows up to help solve the latest crime wave. A cop duo is also introduced, one a skeptic, one a bit of a believer, so we may see an X-Files thing develop. Can't wait.

So, if you like babes with brains and brawn battling baddies in bustiers (YES, the bad guys too! Something for everyone!) you will TOTALLY DIG this show. Although how you overlooked "Dark Angel" and "Charmed" is a bit of a puzzle - these writers certainly didn't.

UPDATE: Oh my gosh, DARK ANGEL was cancelled?!?!

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